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Best Quality of Indonesian Black Pepper and White Pepper

Indonesian export is dominated by black pepper, neither crushed nor ground. Black Pepper is the dried berry of Piper nigrum. This vine which can grow up to ten feet tall is indigenous to India and South East Asia. Pepper is actually berries that are picked about nine months after flowering. Black Pepper, the spiciest, is berries that are picked unripe. The berries used for White Pepper are ripened on the vine and soaked so that their outer hulls are easily removed. Green Peppercorns are immature berries which are freeze dried or packed in brine for preservation. and wound-healing properties

Product Specification

Specification Detail
Quality 500 - 550 g/l FAQ , 640 g/l
E.Coli Max 3.0 MPN/G
Mouisture Max 13.5%
Yeast & Mould Max 1% by Weight / Max 500 CFU/G
Colour Beautiful Natural Black
Foreign Matter Max 1%
Place of Origin Indonesia
Note Free from dead or alive insect
Capacity 100 MT/ Month


PP Bag or Jute Bag 25 / 50 Kg 

1 FCL 20 feet : 14-16 MT           1 FCL 40 feet : 24-25 MT

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